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Strength in Weakness

j0309634Two weeks have gone by and I haven’t kept up with the study of Galatians. Several times I attempted to sit myself down and write about the freedom we have as Christians (as we learned in the book of Galatians), but the enemy managed to place stumbling blocks in front of me and caused me to trip. Those of you who know me personally are aware of the various dilemmas slapping me up at the moment. I’m not one to put my personal life out there, but trust me when I tell you that I’m being attacked by the enemy (and suffering consequences of poor choices I’ve made) as I post this journal.

 I’m writing today in an attempt to be lifted up in spirit; yes, I’m down at the moment. If you’re finding yourself at the “end of the rope” or been a target for the enemy’s bullets, I hope you find encouragement in this message.

One word keeps coming at me relentlessly – weakness. Actually, there’s more than one word: tired, drained, exhausted, pathetic and faint – to name a few, that describes my energy and will to move forward. How can this be? Me? Pathetic and faint?  I have to confess, I have an incredible life. I am blessed to have amazing friends – not just “fair-weathered” friends, but genuine friends who love and care for me. I don’t think I go one day without and email or phone call (or text message) from someone dear to me, letting me know they’re thinking about me. I love my work, my family and my ministry – and most of all, I share an intimate relationship with my Heavenly Father. So, why am I struggling with weakness?? Dear Lord, reveal yourself to me through these challenges you are allowing me to experience. Open my eyes of understanding so that I can come out of this glorifying You.

 2 Corthinthians 7:9 tell us that “power is perfected in weakness”. Power and weakness in the same sentence? Yes, because the weaker we are, the more God’s grace shines clearer. It’s not until we need God’s grace that we actually search it out and obtain it. Pastor James McDonald stated in one of his sermons, “The grace of God is not fully seen in our lives until weakness is fully experienced.”  Therefore, I am well content with weaknesses, with insults, with distresses, with persecutions, with difficulties, for Christ’s sake; for when I am weak, then I am strong. – 2 Corinthians 12:10

I’ve come to understand that feeling weak is not fatal – it is necessary. Without weakness, how can God display His saving power? Without weakness, I wouldn’t need God’s grace.  I take no joy in the pain of my struggles, but I do take joy in knowing that Christ’s power is revealed through me as I suffer through them. Yes, I’m tired. Like so many others who are also going through their share of sufferings – whether it be pain from a child who has gone astray, pain from a marriage slowly deteriorating when you’ve tried all you can to keep it together, pain from a job loss or financial burdens – or pain from suffering mental health problems such as depression or suffering from physical illness. All of these cause weakness, weariness, exhaustion and feelings of hopelessness.

 Isn’t it comforting to know we are children of a mighty, awesome Father who will strengthen us with His power? I’m not sure how many times the apostle Paul mentioned about his weaknesses, but it appears that in the 2Corinthians, he mentions it quite often. When I think about Paul experiences (2Corth11:26-27), it’s no wonder he was weak – physically and mentally. Yet, 2 Corth 11:30, Paul said, “I will boast of what pertains to my weakness.” Why? Because displaying Paul’s weakness magnified God’s power at work in and through him. How awesome is it to know that God’s power is being revealed through each one of us when we are weak?

 I resolve to surrender my weakness and exhaustion. I give it to my Father above, who will empower me with strength and wisdom so that I can move towards his purpose for me. Although my feebleness may cause me to move a little slower, my faith will not waiver. In time, I’ll be able to brag about my weaknesses, just as Paul did. In the meantime, I will move one small step (in faith) at a time.  Thank you, God, for your saving Grace…thank You for Your Mercy…thank You for Your Power.

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