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Here I Am. Send Me!

Today’s lesson was inspiring, for lack of better words. Sandy out did herself today in presenting the material. To review, I’ve outlined the notes from today’s lesson:

Isaiah’s 7 Visions That Will Transform Your Life  – Isaiah 6:1-13 (By Sandy M.)

  1. Isaiah’s vision of God and his holiness (Vs 1-4)
  2. Isaiah’s vision of his sinful self (Vs 5a)
  3. Isaiah’s vision of sins of the people around him (Vs 5b )
  4. Isaiah’s vision of God’s redemptive power (Vs 6-7)
  5. Isaiah’s vision of his life purpose (Vs 8 )
  6. Isaiah’s vision to be faithful regardless of results (Vs 9-11)
  7. Isaiah’s vision: in spite of circumstances God promises hope and future restoration for His people (Vs 13)

 The throne in verses 1-4 emphasizes the Lord as the true king (since the nation of Israel was morning the death of an earthly king (Uzziah). The temple emphasizes that God is always on his throne. Isaiah was privileged to see these truths because the people were missing out on them. Isaiah felt unworthy of being in God’s presence because he saw his sinfulness and the sinfulness of the people. However, Isaiah also saw God’s redemptive power and it wasn’t until he was cleansed of his sins that God commissioned him.


Today’s lesson helped me to appreciate that God will commission us when we come forth and ask him to be used for his purpose. We may have had a different purpose in mind that we want to carry out, but it is God who calls us to service. I like the way Sandy put it, “Our #1 calling is to bring glory to God, but we have spiritual gifts that He uses to fulfill his purpose for us.


Isaiah was sent on a difficult assignment – he had to preach God’s judgment to unresponsive people. It’s no wonder that he asked God how long he will have to carry out the work. God lovingly provided an answer; Isaiah was to preach until the desolation of his people and the land they lived in. (I wonder how much time that actually was. I’m going to have to research it and get back to you. If anybody knows, please feel free to post a comment). Many of us are carrying out our assignments and also asking God how much longer we will have to endure. It’s comforting to know that He will bring a finishing point in His due time – He always does. In the meantime, He embraces us with the strength and power to continue our assignments. Amen to that.


On a side note, wouldn’t you agree that the message in today’s worship service about Mary and being a “bondslave of the Lord” (Luke 1:38), was in line with today’s lesson in class? Looks like we were blessed with the same empowering message twice in one day! “Here I am, Send Me! (Isaiah 6:8)

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