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Habit of Prayer

(Prayer Warriors looking for a Home to come and Pray)

The Habit of Prayer team is made up of people from different states, different backgrounds, different experiences, but have things in common..

  • They know prayer works
  • They love the Lord
  • They know that He has the answers
  • They want to be a family in HIS Love and to experience more fellowship with HIM and one another

Though a many of us have never met we are joined in a mutual love for God and are laying ourselves wide open for HIM to work through us..

The team covers three areas:
Requests for prayers
Praises for answered prayers
Encouragements to one another on our journey home

This is channeled through; Your e-mail address will never be given out.
If you would like to be a part of the team send us an e-mail, if for some reason you cannot at this time, feel free to send your requests for prayers to us and WE WILL PRAY.


Habit of Prayer Team

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