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Misplaced and Unsettled

 Enjoy another heartfelt and encouraging message from my friend Sharon Leasure, who by the grace of God, has discovered the soul of a writer within her that was kept hidden all these years but set free now to bless us. ~Julie



Misplaced and Unsettled by Sharon Leasure

When my boys were little I ventured off to a new and larger than life mall. It was the new White Marsh Mall, two floors, WOW this is incredible. The parking lot was humongous as was the building I was about to enter with two small boys. As I walked through Macy’s I noticed the tie display, men’s dress shirts and slacks. I recorded it to memory so I could find my way back out. Well, I certainly was overwhelmed by how enormous the mall looked. It seemed to take forever to get from one end to the other. By the time I was done my oldest child was tired of walking and my baby was getting hungry. I walked through the store heading to the parking lot. I went past the slacks, the dress shirts and the ties. I went out into the parking lot and over to where my car was. That is when my heart skipped a beat and panic surged through my body as if I had been poked with a prodding iron. Where was my CAR?!!!! Was it stolen, did I park it somewhere else? I went back into the mall and checked the display, it was just like I remembered it. So where was my car? I went back out to the parking lot and still could not find it. Now, I have misplaced my keys, my pocket book but never my car. My heart was beating pretty fast, I was shaking, I was sweating profusely as I walked back into the mall. I went to the other side of the mall and walked into Macy’s and there was the same display. I ran to the door and there was my beautiful car. I took the biggest sigh of relief. Once I got the boys buckled up I sat and cried.

There have been times in my spiritual walk that I have been misplaced and unsettled. I have strayed off that path of righteousness and walked down my own path. When He spoke to me I didn’t hear, I had turned a deaf ear. It wasn’t that I didn’t want Him to speak moon light pathto me, it is that I didn’t recognize it. Yes I heard the sound of the birds but looked away. God was saying to put a song in your heart today and not to be weighed down by the anxieties of life. I felt the wind on my face. God was telling me to stop striving after what I cannot have. I saw the squirrels playing but didn’t stop to watch. God was telling me life is short, enjoy the gift I have given you. As I drove home in the evening, the moon and the stars illuminated the night sky, I walked to the door never looking up. God was covering me with His grace and mercy, wanting me to be still and just listen.

I wondered why I had so much stress in my life, why was I so unsettled? I believed I knew God and I certainly was living a morally clean life, so why so much unhappiness? Doesn’t God love me or care how I feel? Why has He deserted me? Truth is in a way I deserted Him by misplacing my trust. I started trusting myself more than trusting Him. God does care, more than we know, we just have  to be still and listen. He speaks to us each and every day. I had to learn to turn myself over to Him and then and only then did I hear His voice. It came alive and became so clear.

Proverbs 3:6 ~ In all your ways acknowlecdge Him, And He will make your paths straight

By: Sharon Leasure

January 13, 2014 - Posted by | Expressions

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