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God is OH SO Good!

God is OH SO Good! by Linda Angeles

I was in my car this morning and the song, “Jesus Bring the Rain” came on. This song and I go back a few years. As I was singing along to the words, I was reminded of the struggles I went through during that time. It was March 2009 and I was holding my granddaughter who was two years and very ill at the time. She had just come home from the hospital after being intubated for five days and for some reason, she wasn’t doing well that morning. I remember being afraid and my anxiety was at it’s peak because I hadn’t been able to work in weeks and was physically drained and tired. This was the worst timing for me, considering all this was happening in the middle of tax season. Not only was I afraid of losing clients, but I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to sustain myself financially. I was in tears that morning; in fact, both my granddaughter and I were crying. When this song came on I remember listening to the words as I rocked her in my arms and before long, we were calm and at peace. I knew from that moment everything was going to be okay.

Some may believe that God made my granddaughter sick so that I can learn from the experience and grow in my faith, but I don’t believe that’s true – God doesn’t make or will anyone to be sick. He does, however, use all circumstances and struggles to reach out to us so that we experience Him in every way – His presence, grace, mercy and love.  God is in the business of turning good what the enemy meant for evil.  God did use my circumstances for good; a result of that experience, this blog was inspired. Here we are almost five years later, and Fruitage of the Spirit is a source of encouragement to hundreds of readers (thanks to co-writer, Julie). I also learned to rely on the Lord, making Him my all-sufficient, knowing that He’ll always provide for me. (No, my business didn’t fail and clients didn’t leave.)  I learned how to pray in ways I hadn’t known before; today I share and find joy in interceding on behalf of others.

When I looked back to that season of my life I’ve always seen it as a dark place – one I would never want to experience or go back to again. But now I see it differently; I see that time of my life as a time that God used to accomplish His purpose in my life and in the life of others.  The struggles I overcame will serve as reminders that God will deliver me again and again from all hardship that may come my way. I can list the numerous times that God helped me overcome battles, but none compare to this one. Can you remember a time when God delivered you from despair and how different would your life be had you not gone through it?

October 10, 2013 - Posted by | Expressions


  1. Excellent article, thanks for sharing dear one.

    Comment by Marcene | October 10, 2013

  2. Linda, it’s good to see your writing and your faith. Keep yourself in God’s love, Julie

    Comment by Julie McAllen | October 10, 2013

  3. Thanks Julie and Marcene. I’ve been writing for a while but I just can’t seem to bring it home to the blog. Today I felt moved to post this, thanks to the Holy Spirit. Otherwise itt would have remained in my journal. I believe with all my heart someone needed this encouragement (other than myself). Love you guys!!

    Comment by Linda | October 10, 2013

  4. Beautiful testimony to the Shepherds loving comfort and strength

    Comment by tk2012 | October 11, 2013

  5. Good one Linda, thanks for your encouraging journal writings, He can give us all we need, for when we need it. Blessings to you and your family.

    Comment by Brenda Steere | October 22, 2013

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