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Seasons in the Son

Seasons in the Son by Julie McAllen

Yours is the day, Yours also is the night;

You have  prepared the light and the sun.

You have  established all the boundaries of the earth;

You have made  summer and winter. ~Psalm 74:16-17

Praise God for the seasons! It’s taken me some time to fully appreciate each one and I’m sure by the end of my life I will still not fully grasp how fortunate I am to have been placed on a section of earth that experiences all four seasons.

I’ve always been a summer person. In younger years it was the all day bike rides. I still enjoy that, but the lazy days on the river in the kayak suit me more as I age. Just give me the sun! And nothing beats pitching a tent on the sandbar for a full moon swim and slumber. Summer abounds with outdoor activities including the parades and festivals my husband and I participate in as clowns. Ahhh…. summer, it goes much too fast!

Over the years it became apparent that my energy level and attitude changes with the seasons. When fall arrives, I tend to close inward and slow down. I’ve never been a winter enthusiast. After being diagnosed with Seasonal Affective Disorder (S.A.D.) I learned to stock up on vitamin D in pill form to make up for the lack of it I had been absorbing on those sunny summer days. But I also learned to be gracious toward myself and accept what the long winters in Wisconsin have to offer by enjoying the reclusive writer in me. I actually look forward to the winter season now– particularly as I labor through this article.

I love to write. I love to pray. I love to read the Bible. Those are the ingredients that produce this journal…. and well…. this month? THIS IS LABOR!

It’s the last day of July and it’s a gorgeous day out there. I’m scrambling to meet my personal deadline of one article a month. This is so much easier in winter! Long days of lounging by the fire in my pajamas tend to lend themselves better to reading, writing and praying.

I’ve got it covered though. I made my kayak plans with friends for tomorrow– the first day of August– and I’m meeting my journal deadline TODAY! And just how do I plan to do that? Well, if squirrels get to enjoy the provisions stored up during summer, then I figure I get to rest and rely on stored goodies from another season as well. It also makes it handy to have what I’m about to share conveniently located on one page for later reference. And so, I’m pulling a few things out of my storehouse for this month’s entry.

As most of you who follow my blog already know, I am a former member of the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society, better known as Jehovah’s Witnesses. Since being delivered and coming to know the truth of Jesus Christ, God stirred up a passion in me to reach out to Jehovah’s Witnesses and those affected by their teachings. For the past four years my involvement with Witnesses for Jesus, Inc. has allowed me to do this. I serve on their Internet ministry team, co-host the on-line Meetup groups, and write articles for “Julie’s Corner”  It all takes place in cyber space, but this summer I also went local. Another former Jehovah’s Witness friend brainstormed an idea to share what we know with our local church. I said I’d pray for and support her in however God led her in this idea. And I did. Then I ended up leading the way instead. It’s taken up some extra summer hours…..however, we did discuss some of our plans while kayaking together so all was not lost!

Some of the planning was made simple as Witnesses for Jesus, Inc. already offered a DVD series meant for small groups at church. Thanks to Christy Darlington and her gifts, our class syllabus incorporates her teaching lesson on ANSWERING QUESTIONS YOUR JEHOVAH’S WITNESS FRIENDS ASK But we still had to convince the church to stay inside for another hour and a half after the pastor’s morning sermon during July and August for our 5 week course. I know how trying that can be for “summer people.” So my self-imposed task this summer was to produce a short video as a form of advertisement for our class. I searched through many video testimonies of former Jehovah’s Witnesses and those who minister to them. I was looking for the perfect appeal to answer the “why” of bothering to reach out to those nice people offering Watchtowers at the door. After hundreds of hours of screening through testimonies and figuring out my computer’s movie making program, I painfully edited it down to just under 5 minutes. Then my church suggested I get it down to 3!! Arrrrgh. I complied and had it ready for the Sunday morning we introduced our class by “interrupting” the pastor’s sermon with a knock at his door as my friend and I walked up to him carrying our Watchtowers explaining we had an encouraging message to share with him and his neighbors. Our video then ran in the hopes to stir up the hearts of the church. Two weeks later on July 29, twenty-three people showed up to attend our class. This far exceeded our expectations as we were told we’d be lucky to get 6 to 10 people during the summer. The church is curious about Jehovah’s Witnesses.

It is our hope to work out our “bugs” during this 5 week course and take what we’ve learned into more area churches. We want to make our syllabus available to others who wish to do so in their area as well. And so, in addition to the teaching series we’re using being available on-line, my summer project the — advertisement video — has been made public on You Tube also.

How is this related to the opening statements in this month’s article? Easy! It’s summer, I gotta get off this computer and outside…. so watch this video!


If you were expecting another Scripture-laden long article by me, sorry you’ll have to wait ’til a cool day in fall for that. Praise God for ALL His wonderful seasons.

Also see a short 5 minute clip of  WHY I WAS KICKED OUT OF THE WATCHTOWER

And if you have about an hour, my testimony GRACE INTERRUPTED is here. But why not wait ’til a nice cold day to watch that?
I’m outta here! Kayaking anyone?

Keep yourself in God’s love, Julie

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