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Expressions from the Heart

…by Marcene

The bible as a mirror…reflecting the days gone bye and the days to come.

In the Old Testament we see the reflection of the past mistakes of man…By showing the downfall of man, God is giving us evidence of what will happen . Enabling us to make the right choices.

We see the first reflection of…man’s choice to put his desires before God’s…ending in is not in man to guide his own footsteps. Only through God can we reach heavenly goals.
In our mirror we see the reflection of two entities..
One of the beautiful garden…so at peace…so productive…producing what it was created to produce. All things doing what they were created for and to do..Harmony reining in the Garden.
With one exception:
MAN.. Putting himself before the Lord and Master of all creation. Making the wrong choices.
Going contrary to the very purpose for which he was created. Bringing about death..

New reflection: Man under the yoke of death..Helpless..without hope…. God the Father to the rescue…He came in the human form , Jesus Christ, to pay the penalty of man’s sin..overcoming death, defeating Satan..Redeeming man back to himself.

Last reflection: The Heavenly scene..The believers coming home..dwelling with God. Praising and worshipping the King of Kings and Lord of last fulfilling their purpose, producing what they were created to produce.

In Christian Love, Marcene

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