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2011 Theme Scripture – PROVERBS 27:11

Proverbs 27:11 – “Be wise, my son, and make my heart glad, that I may reply to him who reproaches me.”

When I was a little girl my brothers used to tease me a lot much like siblings would do. Sure, the name calling bothered me, but nothing infuriated me more than to be teased about something I knew wasn’t true or of being accused of something I didn’t do. I would go to great lengths to prove them wrong, even though they knew they were!  I think back to those times and wonder why I didn’t just let it go. After all, as long as I knew it wasn’t true wasn’t that enough? No! I wanted to be cleared of those false accusations, even if they were mere jokes!

The reason I chose Proverbs 27:11 for my scripture theme for 2011 is because it deals with just that – false accusations, criticism, blame, reproach and in other bible translations, the meaning for “reproach” is teasing, mocking, taunting, making fun of, ragging on just to name a few of the terms. However, this scripture doesn’t involve sibling squabbles but how our Almighty God is being reproached day in and day out by His accuser, the devil. He taunts our Heavenly Father by thinking that he has the human family all figured out – namely that God’s children will turn their back on Him when faced with insurmountable hardship. In the book of Job1:9-11, Satan asserted that believers are faithful ONLY when they prosper and that once their prosperity is taken away, he claims they will reject God. The sad truth is that Satan still believes this today, even though Job proved faithful to God, despite the adversities that befell him. One can say that God “made a reply to the one reproaching Him” because of Job’s faithfulness.

But why would God even bother to humor His accuser with a reply? Actually, He doesn’t. However, every time God’s children overcome’s the enemy, the reply is made; or when we trust in God’s power to deliver us out of anything; or our trust in His faithfulness and in His promises, the reply is made. When we show thankfulness in all things (Phil 4:6) – even the adversities, the reply is made.

God makes a reply to the one mocking Him when:

  1. Marriages are restored
  2. Forgiveness unites broken relationships
  3. Sickness is healed through faithful prayers
  4. Peace fills hearts, despite adversity and hardship
  5. We surrender our lives to God
  6. Fear is replaced by the Power only found through God’s grace


But the devil doesn’t only accuse or makes allegations against Almighty God, he also does it to God’s children in a more subtle way – with lies, temptations and false reasoning.

  1. Some think they know better than God what’s best for them and that they can handle their own life better than God can. False. But when we choose not be masters of own lives, our lives are blessed and enriched.
  2. Some think that God will not take care of them if they surrender completely to His will. False. In Jeremiah, God has already made a plan for your success way before you were born.
  3. Some believe God is distant and judgmental, which makes him unapproachable. False. God is merciful; He is Love. He created the human family with the desire to commune with Him.
  4. Genesis3:1 – Satan always begins his temptations by questioning God’s commands, suggesting that we don’t need to be obedient to His word. False. It’s when we’re obedient to God when the enemy’s lies are exposed and easy to dispel.


My resolve, for 2011, is to use every opportunity to bring glory to God – even and especially when it calls to be faithful to Him during trying times; only then can our Heavenly Father make a reply His accuser. Through our faithfulness and devotion to God, we prove the devil the liar that he is. How wonderful it is that we, mere humans, can make our Creator’s heart rejoice.

In Him Alone, Linda


January 4, 2011 - Posted by | Expressions


  1. Food at the proper time. Thank you Linda. I have a tape recorder in my head that sometimes replays every false accusation against me. My sin nature reaction is to start claiming my rights and prepare for battle against those who offend me. Doesn’t the accuser love that! But those battles are not here, they are in the spirit realm, and it is there we must go to call on help. Today, after I got tired of myself, I called on God and complained to HIM instead and He counseled me with Phil 2:1-11. Jesus made his reply in humility, allowing those he loved to hurt him. Humbled again. Then I read your post. Wow. Food at the proper time. You are a treasure, Happy New Year sister. Keep yourself in God’s love, Julie

    Comment by Jubilee | January 4, 2011

    • Thanks, Julie. You are so encouraging!

      Comment by Linda | January 5, 2011

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