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friendsFinally! After several months of trying to figure out how to blog and learn WordPress, I think I’m getting the hang of this. I still have to figure out little details such as setting the right time or learning how to get creative with the weblog, but at least we can begin to explore this new venture in cyberspace!

Personally, this weblog is long overdue.  I’ve been trying to find a way to bring together spiritually minded friends to share thoughts, prayer and encouragement. I have been blessed to have in my life brothers and sisters in Christ who have made an impact in my life.  The encouragement I receive from these beloved friends is sometimes overwhelming – I am so thankful to God for bringing these individuals into my life. As I continue in my walk with the Lord, I’m amazed at how much He reveals to me day by day. Recently, I have met new friends through the Women with a Purpose lifegroup and The Significant Woman class and I look forward to sharing expressions of faith with them as well. 

In bible times, the nation of Isreal was God’ chosen people. To identify them, the Isrealites had to wear a fringe on the bottom of their clothing. The fringes identified them as belonging to the chosen nation. However, Jesus said that his disciples would be identified by the love among themselves (John 13:35). We no longer need the fringes – our love for one another characterizes us as Christ’s diciples; it is this (unconditional) love that compels me to bring this journal of experiences, knowledge, thoughts and support.  God bless!


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  1. Linda, I love your stated intention of why you provide this journal. Thank you for your unconditional love in this. I am blessed to have you in my life. Do not grow weary, your work is not in vain. Let yourself continue to be compelled and you will bless others and raise Him up! Now, you go girl!!! Keep yourself in God’s love.

    Comment by Julie | March 16, 2009

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